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Michelle Word
(517) 884-3916

Michelle Word

Director of Education

Michelle Word finds connecting people to art, ideas, and one another incredibly rewarding. Noting the exciting moments of curiosity and collective learning that happen at art museums, she observes that “a day in the life of a museum educator is ___________. Pick a week, day, an hour: the education Mad Lib is always shifting, unknown, full of possibility.” She came to the MSU Broad in 2016; from 2006 to 2015 she was a faculty member and outreach/programming coordinator in MSU’s Department of Art, Art History, and Design, where she led lecture and studio courses on the creative process, drawing, painting, and the collaged aesthetic. She holds a BA in studio art and art history from DePauw University and an MFA in painting from MSU, and is a practicing artist with a national exhibition record. Originally from Kentucky, the Bluegrass State, she loves making and getting her hands dirty, whether in the studio, in the garden, or in the sandbox with her daughter. Most weekends you can find her rummaging through other people’s lives at estate sales, thrift shops, and antique stores.

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