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Brian Kirschensteiner

Chief Preparator

Brian Kirschensteiner was hooked on museums early. Growing up his family moved around a lot, but having lived as a child in Washington D.C. and Chicago gave him the opportunity to spend a great deal of time in their various museums. “My siblings and I were completely  immersed in design, art, craft, and cultural history as kids. I thoroughly enjoy design, tackling creative challenges, and practicing these in an effort to connect people with ideas in the museum space.” Prior to joining the MSU Broad in 2010, he operated a museum design and consultancy studio for 10 years, and before that he worked as an Assistant Curator of Exhibitions. Brian holds a BFA in Studio Art from Michigan State University, with concentrations in painting, photography, sculpture, and exhibition design. While he enjoys leading a creative museum studio and working to create a vibrant environment where his staff can cultivate their skills, he stays creative outside of work in his own studio, making paintings and creating viewing boxes of different kinds. He is an active member of the American Alliance of Museums, National Association for Museum Exhibition, Association of Midwest Museums, Michigan Museums Association, and various design groups with a special focus on the museum visitor.

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