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Headshot of Tamara Heaton-Wyrick
(517) 432-0919

Tam Heaton-Wyrick

Associate Director of Development, Cultural Arts

Building on 20+ years of combined experience as a medical anthropologist, clinical social work therapist, and fundraiser in academia and nonprofit organizations, Tam’s foci encompass social justice issues (including health, economic, and education), assisting people to live in wellness, and combating societal issues through art, altruism, transparent research, efficacious programming, and harnessing the intrinsic and extrinsic strengths that people possess. Working with talented curators, educators, artists, and support staff at the Broad realizes these foci, which has made supporting the museum exciting and very fulfilling for her. She is at her best when she can help others reach their vision and accomplish goals, and fundraising helps her to work in this capacity.

In her spare time, Tam enjoys building an oddities and curiosities collection with her husband, catching local live music, performing stand-up, getting engrossed in a good documentary, movie, or series, and snuggling with her Siamese, Luna.

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