The MSU Broad welcomes students and educators from all disciplines to join us as we explore our world through art and culture. We offer interactive, conversational tours that prioritize an inquiry-based learning approach. Each tour is designed to encourage observation and foster evidence-based thinking. We challenge students to realize that we may not all experience the world in the same way. Art helps students develop empathy, foster collaboration, and sharpen critical thinking.

Tours at the MSU Broad

Bring your students to the MSU Broad for an engaging and interactive experience with contemporary art! All tour groups will experience the architecture of the MSU Broad and have in-depth experience with three to four works of art. Every tour encourages students to think about the intersection of art and society. Students will recognize that creativity is essential to all problem solving.

Please make your request at least two weeks prior to your desired tour date. Bus funding is available; inquire when you schedule your tour.

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