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Acts of Care

Acts of Care is organized by the Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum at Michigan State University. Support is provided by the Eli and Edythe Broad endowed exhibitions fund.

September 1, 2020–June 20, 2021

About the Exhibition

Who would you like to thank for their care during the past several months?  What message would you like to send to them?  How would you in return care for them? Through this submission form, share with us who has provided care for you and your community.

The past several months have been marked by the rise of a global health pandemic and a resurgent social movement toward the dismantling of systemic racism in the United States. These forces of change continue to affect all of us in both collective and personal ways. While practices of physical distancing and self-isolation now shape our worldview, the nature of the human spirit to connect, to find common ground, and to be present for one another is also a hallmark of this historic moment. Especially now, we must all care for ourselves and for one another. Let’s share with each other these #actsofcare.

The MSU Broad acknowledges the wide range of caregivers working tirelessly (sometimes unwittingly) during these difficult times by focusing on their acts of care and our messages of empathy, compassion, and gratitude for these fellow community members. Care takes many different forms. From the daily efforts of healthcare and other frontline workers, to friends, family, and neighbors, there are gestures of care all around us—both grand and small. Acts of care can also be taking time to learn, read, and educate ourselves about racial issues and implicit bias; that is, doing our own work in order to also be better allies and part of the care networks for others.

Please join our effort to pay tribute to those taking care of us and our communities during this time. An undertaking of this nature is only meaningful if it truly represents the community for which it exists and to which it speaks. We all have the power to create change, and the first step is to care.

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