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Pipelines to Mass Incarceration: Policing, Sentencing, and the Incarcerated Panel

Friday, Sep. 17, 2021    1–3pm

Mass incarceration is affected by policing, legal, sentencing, and corrections practices and policies. This panel will discuss approaches that inflate mass incarceration and innovative alternatives that keep communities safe while enhancing relationships with the police, ensuring more appropriate legal systems and sentencing, and humanitarian treatment of the incarcerated that could enhance re-entry. All of these represent new potentially more effective approaches to public safety, equity, and justice. Moderated by Dr. Emilie Smith, with guest speakers Dr.

Ojore Lutalo, Untitled, Date unknown. Courtesy the artist and Zealous.

Ojore Lutalo, Untitled, Date unknown. Courtesy the artist and Zealous.

Studio (in)Conversation: Megan Heeres

Thursday, Sept. 16, 8–9pm

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Artist Feature: David Flaugher

Tuesday, Sep. 14, 2021    7–8pm

How do we value the seemingly inconsequential objects that surround us in our daily lives as carriers of personal and social histories? Join artist David Flaugher and Assistant Curator Georgia Erger for a discussion of the exhibition David Flaugher. Comprising new paintings and sculptures by the Detroit-based artist, the exhibition centers intimate family histories and examines the social landscape of our local region through its material culture.

David Flaugher, Untitled (sunflowers), 2020. Courtesy the artist and And Now, Dallas.

David Flaugher, Untitled (sunflowers), 2020. Courtesy the artist and And Now, Dallas.

Free Your Mind: Panel Discussion and Open Forum

Sunday, Sept. 12, 4–5:30pm

Per(Sister): A Model for Socially Engaged Exhibitions

Friday, Sept. 10, 6:30–8pm


Wednesday, Jul. 28, 4–5pm

Listening to Seeds: Artist Feature with Vivien Sansour

Saturday, June 12, 7–9pm

FOCUS TOUR: Idlewild + Black Spaces

Wednesday, May 26, 4–5pm

Studio (in)Conversation: jackie sumell

Thursday, May 20, 8–9pm

Readings from the American Road

Wednesday, May 19, 7–8pm

FOCUS TOUR: Ocean Chemistry

Wednesday, Apr. 28, 4–5pm

Studio (in)Conversation: Dornith Doherty (MSU Science Fest)

Thursday, Apr. 22, 8–9pm

MSU Science Fest: Seeds of Resistance

Wednesday, Apr. 21, 7–8:30pm

Broad Underground: Seeds, Blooms, and Things that Grow

Friday, Apr. 16, 7–9pm

Our Daily Work, Our Daily Lives Brown Bag Series

Tuesday, Apr. 6, 12:15–1:30pm

FOCUS TOUR: Seed Diversity

Wednesday, Mar. 24, 4–5pm

Our Daily Work, Our Daily Lives Brown Bag Series

Wednesday, Mar. 24, 12:15–1:30pm

Broken Routes: Rust Belt Communities and the Automobile Panel Discussion

Tuesday, Mar. 23, 7–8pm

Science of Grief Death Rituals Around the World Panel

Saturday, Mar. 20, 6–7:30pm

Broad Underground: The Three Disappearances of Soad Hosni

Friday, Mar. 19, 7–9pm

Studio (in)Conversation: Sam Van Aken

Thursday, Mar. 18, 8–9pm

Art and Activism: Jenny Kendler in conversation with Elizabeth Corr, NRDC

Wednesday, Mar. 17, 7–8pm

Our Daily Work, Our Daily Lives Brown Bag Series

Monday, Mar. 1, 12:15–1:30pm

FOCUS TOUR: Saving Seeds

Wednesday, Feb. 24, 4–5pm

Broad Underground: Petrocinema, from Wheels of Progress to Auto-apocalypse

Friday, Feb. 19, 7–9pm

Studio (in)Conversation: Santiago Montoya

Thursday, Feb. 18, 8–9pm

Our Daily Work, Our Daily Lives Brown Bag Series

Thursday, Feb. 11, 12:15–1:30pm

Artist Feature: Caroline Monnet

Wednesday, Feb. 10, 7–9pm

FOCUS TOUR: Soil Health

Wednesday, Jan. 27, 4–5pm

Studio (in)Conversation: Bruce Thayer

Thursday, Jan. 21, 8–9pm

Broad Underground: John Lucas and The Cooler Bandits

Friday, Nov. 20, 7–9pm

MSU Signature Lecture Series with Claudia Rankine

Thursday, Nov. 12, 7–8pm

Educator Workshop: Be/Longing + Placekeeping

Saturday, February 29, 9am–12pm

Educator Workshop | wasteNOT: Collaboration, Making, and Environmental Action

Saturday, December 7, 1–4pm

Artist-in-Residence: Luis A. Sahagun

Wednesday, November 20, 7–8:30pm

Interdisciplinary Lightning Talks, On Dictatorship: Technologies of Violence

Thursday, November 14, 3–4pm

Artist Conversation with Katrín Sigurðardóttir

Wednesday, November 13, 7–8pm

The Edge of Desire: Visual Regimes of Fascism and Dissidence

Wednesday, November 6, 7–8:30pm

An Evening in the Floating World

Wednesday, October 23, 7–8:30pm

Reclaiming the Streets: Arts of Solidarity in Moments of Crisis

Monday, October 14, 7–8:30pm

Educator Workshop: Design Thinking

Saturday, October 12, 9am–12pm

Observe the Moon with Sasha Samochina

Saturday, October 5, 4–5pm

Artist-in-Residence: jackie sumell

Wednesday, October 2, 7–8pm

Conversations with a Curator: Nature Morte

Wednesday, August 7, 6–7:30pm

Water School: Speak-in

Wednesday, May 15, 12–2pm

The Water School for Young Artists: Early Childhood Educators’ Workshop

Saturday, April 27, 9am–12:00pm

Water School: Watch-in

Wednesday, Apr. 17, 4–7pm

Bridges Not Walls: True Stories of Immigration in America

Thursday, April 4, 5–6:30pm

Community Curatorial Assistant Event: Help Plan a Michigan Home Care Worker Exhibit

Wednesday, Apr. 3, 4–6pm

Expressing Science Creatively: Sci-Art Panel

Tuesday, Apr. 2, 6–8pm

The MSU Womxn of Color Initiative welcomes Mayra Santos-Febres

Friday, Mar. 29, 2019 5:30–8pm

MFA Artist Talks

Tuesday, March 26, 7pm

Water School: Mindful Walk-in

Thursday, March 21, 12–2pm

Water School: Act-in

Wednesday, Mar. 20, 11am–3pm

Qais Assali Visiting Artist-in-Residence: Critical Race Studies Lecture

Wednesday, March 20, 7pm

K–12 Educators’ Workshop: Engaging Youth in Social Justice Conversations Through Art and Literature

Saturday, March 9, 9am–12pm

Water School: Speak-in

Wednesday, Mar. 6, 12–2pm

Helina Metaferia Visiting Artist-in-Residence: Critical Race Studies Lecture

Wednesday, Feb. 20, 7pm

Open Call Idea Night

Friday, Feb. 8, 6–8pm

Water School: In Session

Saturday, Jan. 26, 12–7pm

Open Call Idea Night

Friday, Jan. 18, 6pm

BRIDGING Intuition and Innovation

Thursday, Jan. 17, 7pm

Signs of Life: The Poetry Room Open-Mic

Thursday, Dec. 6, 7pm

Listening To Our Environment

Monday, Nov. 12, 7pm

Open Call Slam: Idea Night

Friday, Nov. 9, 6–8pm

Making a Mark: The Legacy of Charles Pollock

Friday, Nov. 2, 7pm

BRIDGE: An Art and Science Symposium

Friday, Oct. 26, 1–5pm

In the Field with Matthew Angelo Harrison

Tuesday, Oct. 23, 7pm

Conversations to Save the World

Wednesday, Oct. 17, 7pm

Change: Young Artist Perspectives

Friday, Sept. 21, 6–8pm

In the Field with Scott Hocking

Tuesday, Sept. 18, 7pm

Outside the Lines: Michel Parmentier’s Early Experiments

Friday, Sept. 7, 7pm

Art History: Capturing the Moving Image

Wednesday, August 15, 6–8pm

Art History: Nasty Women in Art

Wednesday, July 18, 6–8pm

Art History: Age of Empires

Wednesday, June 13, 6–8pm

Conversations About Making

Tuesday, Apr. 3, 7pm

A Conversation with John Sinclair and Cary Loren

Saturday, Mar. 31, 2018

Andy Warhol | This Is Not A Tour

Friday, Mar. 30, 2018

Andy Warhol: Looking Once, Looking Twice

Tuesday, Mar. 27, 2018

MFA Public Talks

Tuesday, Mar. 20, 2018

John C. Welchman Talk: Beam Me Down

Saturday, Feb. 24, 2018

Trusting Memories | Altered Tour

Thursday, Feb. 8, 2018

Inspiring Young Minds: Comics, Cartoons, and Other Graphic Forms of the 60s and 70s

Thursday, Feb. 1, 2018

Opening | Field Station: Kathryn Andrews

Friday, Dec. 15, 2017