Join us for Seeing What Isn't There, a three-part series running throughout September that investigates the many ways artists invoke the invisible, the unseen, and the hidden. All events are free and open to the public.

Sunday, September 10, 5–7pm
Being Invisible: An Interactive Gallery Spectacular
Find new fun on a Sunday evening with this interactive experience through The Transported Man. Discover what sound looks like, experiment with electromagnetic fields, and conjure movie magic with our special FX green screen! Through these and other fun interactive stations we’ll get to “play” with the art and take a closer look at the invisible.

Sunday, September 17, 4–5pm
Vanishing Theater: A Performance of the Imagination
Give yourself up to a night of magic and irrational visions with this experimental theater production. Based on the life and work of French poet, actor, and dramatist, Antonin Artaud, local performers will toy with our notion of what we think we see, and what is imagined.

Thursday, September 28, 7pm
Art is a Black Hole: Talking about Dada, Duchamp, and Beyond
Join MSU Assistant Professor of Art History, Tessa Paneth-Pollak, to explore the ways artists rely on viewers to “fill in the blanks”. This talk will look at the cardboard reliefs of Dada artist Hans Arp in connection with works by Duchamp, Manzoni, Gober, and others from The Transported Man.