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Weather Diaries: Broad Underground Film Series

Friday, Feb. 21, 2020    7–9pm

How does disgust—in all of its forms—uncover or rediscover the queer experience? Join Liz Deegan, Ph.D. Student in the Michigan State University Film Studies Department, in screening and discussing George Kuchar’s Weather Diary 3 and Weather Diary 6. Delighting in disgust, these videos explore Kuchar’s fascination with tornadoes, kitsch, and his queer and aging body, studying his livelihood as a gay man at the height of the AIDs epidemic.

Liz Deegan is a Ph.D student in the Michigan State University Department of English. She completed her Masters in English at Oklahoma State University in 2018. Liz’s research focuses primarily on the intersections of queer and feminist theories, cultural studies, and film and visual media. Her interests oscillate between cult and/or camp popular culture and underground, queer, avant-garde cinema, but focuses on work that disrupts long held patterns and practices within the visual world. Her interest in disruption is borne out of a fascination with acts of formal, affective, or aesthetic rebellion, and how these alterations queer their medium-based landscape.

Broad Underground is an ongoing collaboration between the MSU Broad, Michigan State University Film Studies program, and the Department of English at MSU. This year’s partnering venue is The Robin Theatre in REO Town, Lansing. Special thanks to the Abrams Planetarium and Lansing Public Media Center for their continued support.

Held at The Robin Theatre, 1105 S. Washington Avenue, Lansing, MI 48910.

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