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Studio (in)Process: Upcycle Edition

Thursday, Jan. 14, 2021    8–9pm

Landfills in the United States receive over 11 million tons of textiles each year. This month, we’re rethinking and repurposing cotton fabrics by experimenting with vibrant shibori dyeing techniques.

We’re bringing Studio (in)Process to you in partnership with MSU Recycling and Spartan Upcycle! Let’s create from the comfort of your own home (or kitchen table, couch, garage, porch, etc.). Keep stuff out of the landfill, make upcycled art, and learn zero waste tips! Studio Educator Britta Urness will lead you through live projects you can follow along with, or simply watch and learn.

Materials used:
Rit dye (dark color)
Rit Colorstay Dye Fixative
Upcycled cotton fabric
4 feet of nylon cord
12” or longer wooden dowel
Sewing needle and strong cotton thread

This is a Facebook Live event. Tune in here