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John C. Welchman Talk: Beam Me Down

Saturday, Feb. 24, 2018    4pm

The Aftereffects of the Psychotropic Imaginary

Using the early work and later reflections of Mike Kelley and Jim Shaw, this lecture focuses on the transmission and reception of drug-related experience and psychedelia. Welchman draws connections to other social formations including education, acculturation, coming-of-age, and visionary religious phenomena. John C. Welchman is professor of art history in the Visual Arts department at the University of California, San Diego. His books include Art After Appropriation: Essays on Art in the 1990s. He has edited three titles with Mike Kelley including Mike Kelley: Interviews, Conversations, and Chit Chat, and co-authored numerous publications including On the Beyond: A Conversation between Mike Kelley, Jim Shaw and John C. Welchman.

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Michigan Stories: Mike Kelley and Jim Shaw, installation view at the MSU Broad, 2017. Photo: Eat Pomegranate Photography