The Broad MSU is proud to introduce Lisa Walcott: Less Still as one of the first of many artist installations made possible by the MSU Federal Credit Union Artist Studio Series. Lisa Walcott is a Michigan-based installation artist and kinetic sculptor whose work explores the cycles of deterioration and growth through various subtle gestural objects. Walcott received her MFA in sculpture from Cranbrook Academy of Art in 2010 and has continued to...


As the Broad Art Museum went up in a prominent spot on Grand River Avenue, there was a lot of buzz in the community.

It didn’t look like anything else in town, it was designed by world-famous architect Zaha Hadid, and it promised a fresh experience for art lovers.

In less than a year since opening its shiny, modern doors, The Broad has been selected People’s Choice for Best Gallery.

According to Founding Director Michael Rush, this popularity is an honor, but not a surprise.

The museum was intentionally placed in the middle of town, accessible to visitors from East...