The Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum is pleased to announce the opening of two new exhibitions this week, Pattern: Follow the Rules and Variations on a Line (Moving). The Broad MSU will host a private members-only preview on Thursday, March 21, from 7–9pm to celebrate the opening of these exhibitions, which will then open to the public on Friday, March 22.

Thursday, March 21—Pattern: Follow the Rules and Variations on a Line (Moving) Member Opening
7–9pm, Broad MSU
Pattern is currently being reinvigorated as a significant space for artistic innovation. Each artist presented here begins with some system or set of rules, whether mechanical, technological, digital, or other, and, through rigorous repetitive action, creates objects that are equally rigorous in their optical repetition. With this comes a critical redefinition of pattern: These artists explore iterative generation of form, using a framework more akin to a mathematical pattern or a computer pattern than to a purely visual process focused on decoration or ornamentation. Yet the resulting compositions are highly decorative, visually dynamic, and spectacularly patterned in the traditional sense of the term. Importantly, in these works the limitation of artistic choice implied by following a set of rules does not lead to a limited or stripped down final effect. Rather, the reliance on a circumscribed mechanism of production often results in a sense of potential endlessness that forces us to examine our preconceptions about the distance between reality and visual illusion. Regardless of the mode of making or the content within the form, each work in the exhibition asks us to reevaluate the way we see and experience the spaces we are in, the objects we confront, and the relationship between vision and perception. To learn more about this exhibition, please click here.

Friday, March 22—Pattern: Follow the Rules and Variations on a Line (Moving) Public Opening